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The retail renaissance

by Infor Retail | Digital Transformation | July 11, 2017

Retail as we know it is dying—but as the industry transforms, customers are poised to enjoy some of the greatest retail experiences that have ever existed. This is the golden age of retail.

How retailers can combat disruption through digital transformation

Technology eats the world

by The Infor Retail team | Digital Transformation | March 7, 2017

Infor President Duncan Angove discusses digital disruption and bridging the gap between what an analog company can deliver and what today’s digital customer expects.

Virtual visit to the Infor Retail Garage

The Infor Retail Garage

by The Infor Retail team | Digital Transformation | November 21, 2016

A culture built around design thinking; products built around customers At Infor Retail, we have a mantra: Start at the end. We believe that great enterprise software begins by understanding the people who will be using it every day and getting to know how they work (and how they’d like to work). That’s the foundation… Read more »

Infor Retail: How will UX create a new paradigm in retail software?

by Infor Retail | Digital Transformation | October 13, 2015

Erik Hageman, Director of Hook & Loop, recently sat down with Infor Senior Vice President & General Manager for Infor Retail, Corey Tollefson, to discuss how design and UX can help retailers deliver the experiences that users expect and that will foster long-term relationships with retail brands. Hook & Loop, Infor’s Manhattan-based internal creative agency,… Read more »