Reinventing Retail

For your customers, your people, your business.

We’re launching a revolution.

We help power retail businesses that are more informed, connected, and proactive than ever before.

Retail will never be the same

Imagine a single, holistic, and fully integrated system that covers—and connects—every facet of your business. Predictive analytics and smart data to improve business processes. Beautiful, intuitive designs to enhance user engagement. Delivery in the cloud so it’s easier to deploy, integrate, and update. A unifying omnichannel experience that’s mobile, social—and millennial.

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December 22, 2016 - Infor Retail

Reinventing Retail: Vision

Infor Retail is revolutionizing the customer experience We believe that modern, user-focused technology can create a future-proofed retail enterprise with shopping experiences that are more personal and dynamic to keep customers happy today, and coming back tomorrow. But it takes…

infor retail demo

December 29, 2016 - Infor Retail

Reinventing Retail: Passion

Revolutionizing an industry is our labor of love When we say retail is in our DNA, we mean it—in fact, we set up our New York City headquarters in the heart of Silicon Alley, in what was once the Simpson…

next gen retail software solutions

January 5, 2017 - Infor Retail

Reinventing Retail: Results

Modern enterprise software is paving the way for retail success Innovation for the sake of innovation is not good business. To justify the investment in something as revolutionary as a next generation technology solution, innovation needs to have impact: increase…