The future of enterprise software in retail

by Infor Retail | NRF | March 22, 2016

As shopper expectations evolve for both in-store and online purchases, consumers want engaging experiences across every channel. Guy Courtin discusses how this trend is revolutionizing retail.

Three themes shaping retail technology in 2016

by Infor Retail | NRF | February 26, 2016

From the reinvention of the in-store experience and last-mile fulfillment to a cohesive omni-channel presence, retailers are stepping up to change the way they do business in 2016.

IDC analysts weigh in on Infor Retail

by Infor Retail | Announcements | February 1, 2016

From our deep experience in the retail industry to our partnership with Whole Foods Market, IDC’s industry analysts agree that Infor is poised to revolutionize retail.

NRF 2016: Powerful tech, better results

by Infor Retail | NRF | January 20, 2016

Infor’s internal creative agency, Hook & Loop, is pioneering a new brand of user-centered design for retail software. Get an inside look at the retail revolution.

Making spirits bright: 5 retail inventions to light up the holiday shopping experience

by Infor Retail | Customer Experience | December 16, 2015

Here are some brand new retail technologies that will shape the way we shop during the 2015 holiday season—and, if they can engage enough consumers and help the bottom line—well into the future. Fresh prints Two of the most difficult problems facing mobile payments are security and convenience. A recent MasterCard survey of about 10,000… Read more »

Black Friday 2015: Store traffic is down, but the shopping experience remains crucial

by Infor Retail | Customer Experience | December 4, 2015

The numbers are in, and as expected, Black Friday 2015 is a fascinating microcosm for the big, overarching trends that are redefining today’s retail landscape. Here are some of the lessons learned:  Black Friday sales are down by about $1 billion dollars, with the big losses primarily in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead of rushing out at… Read more »

Infor Retail and Whole Foods Market: Serving the next-generation shopper

by Infor Retail | Announcements | November 18, 2015

“Change or die” might sound like a dire outlook for retail enterprise software, but for a business like Whole Foods Market—whose success revolves around transparency, efficiency, and quality, it’s just the way things are. In partnering with Infor Retail, Whole Foods Market is looking to unite its disparate software systems as part of a company-wide… Read more »